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Delivery Guidelines

For delivery scheduling, one of our associates will contact you through the phone number that you have provided during checkout.
PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the safety of our delivery team, we reserve the right to cancel or delay deliveries due to inclement weather conditions and other hazardous situations.
If ever we could not make the delivery on the scheduled date, we will inform you as soon as possible.
a. Our standard delivery time is from 10am onwards.
b. We do not specify the time of arrival but guarantee that the items will be delivered on the agree upon delivery date.


a. BUILDINGS, OFFICES and CONDOMINIUM might not allow delivery during certain hours or days. Please let us know any restrictions when scheduling your delivery with us.
NOTE: Please let us know if the building does not have a service elevator. Our delivery crew has restrictions in manually carrying items up to higher floors.
b. RESIDENTIAL VILLAGES and SUBDIVISIONS entrance fees will be paid by the customer. You may pay our delivery crew the said fee or pay directly to your village admin office and give us a copy of the receipt prior to the scheduled delivery date.
c. Any other delivery fees (that were not paid during checkout) that may be charged for the delivery to the customer’s address shall be paid by the customer upon delivery of
d. To avoid any delays, kindly secure any required permits before the actual delivery date

a. Please make sure that someone will be receiving the item/s on the date of delivery.
b. If we have received prior confirmation of delivery but no one is there to receive the order, we will reschedule the delivery. Please note that there will be an additional charge for another delivery.
c. If you wish to reschedule, please advise us at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date to avoid any additional delivery fees.
d. Customers are asked to receive the items personally or through their representative. Kindly check the items thoroughly for any defects or mistakes from the product that was ordered before receiving the items. Once items are received by the customer or their representative, it is deemed as acceptance that the items delivered was the correct product and was free from any damage.

If the customer discovers any factory defect within 30 days from time the items was delivered to the customer, the items can be repaired. The material defect of the items should not be caused by misuse or mishandling of the customer. We reserve the right to inspect and verify the cause of damage to the items.
If it is determined that the damage was caused by misuse or mishandling, appropriate repair and service fees will be charged. If item was assembled or serviced by a person not authorized by Office World, the product warranty is deemed void.


We only accept return or exchange if that item has a factory defect. Change of mind is not considered a valid reason for return or exchange as per DTI policy. Any return and exchange are allowed within 7 days after purchase subject to the following guidelines and in conformity to DTI policy:
Must have the original Sales Invoice
Must be in the same condition as purchased
In original box/packaging
With Complete accessories
We reserve the right to inspect and verify the cause of damage to the items. If it is determined that the damage was caused by misuse or mishandling item cannot be returned or exchanged. If item was damaged due to being assembled or serviced by a person not authorized by SOGO Home & Office, the item cannot be returned or exchanged.

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